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3D Health Scans


What our 3D scans involve

Our body composition scans are created by multiple infrared screenings within just 35 seconds, forming a virtual 3D model of your body. Our scanner then uses this data to predict your body composition measurements, enabling you to visually see your body composition improvements each time you scan. The scanner will also evaluate any health risks through gender and age comparisons, giving you activity level targets and an estimated calorie intake.


3D Body Scan - £45
3 sessions of 3D Body Scan - £100

To book, call us on 01253 207568

or please complete the form and our team will be in touch shortly

Benefits of our 3D health scans

Determines the risk of underlying conditions

Measures body fat percentage, lean mass and bone mass

See your progress in 3D and set
 fitness targets

Measures risks with a harmless infrared camera

Private, autonomous and non-invasive process


Tracks the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other conditions

Brain Scan

3D scan enquiry

You can reach us on 01253 207568

or alternatively complete the form and our team will be in touch shortly

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