Our bodies can react to foods that we eat and substances in the environment. These are called allergens. In most people, these allergens are harmless but if you are allergic to them, your immune system will overreact and produce symptoms. This allergic reaction can make you feel unwell, or have unpleasant symptoms like runny eyes, itching or swelling, as well as digestive problems and in more severe cases, anaphylaxis.

Here at Fylde Private GP, we offer a range of allergy testing panels covering food, inhalants, animal dander, mould and insects, designed to give reassurance and peace of mind.

Please see the individual allergy panels for details of each allergy test. 

These tests can be booked directly with a member of the nursing team. You will attend the clinic to have your blood test and you will receive your results via or email post as soon as they are available. 

Alternatively, we offer a £50, 15-minute consultation with a GP who will discuss your symptoms and help to choose the appropriate test. We will take the blood test and you will receive your results via or email post as soon as they are available.

Once you have received your results, you will have the opportunity to book a further chargeable appointment (face to face, video or phone) with the GP to discuss your results in detail and any necessary treatment plan. Please refer to our pricing for these appointment types. 

Please note that all of our allergy tests are designed for Adults and Children aged 12 and over who are able to co-operate with a blood test.

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