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This health screen assessment is performed by a private GP and a member of the nursing team, and each appointment lasts around 45 minutes.

The clinician will take your medical history and assess your lifestyle. Your height, weight and BMI will be measured by a member of the nursing team and your blood and urine will be tested, along with your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen saturation. You will also have a 12 lead ECG recording of your heart rhythm.

Once your results are back, you will have a second appointment with a GP who will examine you and address additional aspects of your individual health screen. You will then receive a personalised report from the GP, detailing your results and any treatments or recommendations.

This health screen includes a blood test, along with an ultrasound of your liver - please see below for the full details within this health screen.

Full Blood Count
Biochemistry Profile
Cholesterol HDL/LDL
Thyroid Profile
Diabetes Test – HBA1c
Peth Test to Assess Possible Damage to the Liver
Urine Analysis
Diabetes Risk
Anaemia Risk
Thyroid Risk
Liver Disease Risk
Kidney Disease Risk
Bone Health Risk
Cholesterol Risk
Liver Damage Assessment


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