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A carotid ultrasound scan, also referred to as a 'carotid duplex' or 'carotid Doppler', is a non-invasive imaging test that uses ultrasound technology to visualize the main arteries in the neck.

These arteries are responsible for carrying blood to the eyes and brain, and the test is instrumental in assessing the blood flow within them. It is a safe and effective diagnostic tool to detect any narrowing or blockages in these arteries.

Arteries Assessed

• Common Carotid Arteries: Examined from their origin to the point of bifurcation, where they split into two branches.

• Internal and External Carotid Arteries: These branches are crucial for supplying different regions of the head and brain.

• Vertebral Arteries: Also evaluated during the scan, as they contribute to the overall blood supply to the brain.

• Function of the Test

Structure Assessment

The carotid ultrasound scan provides detailed images of the blood vessels' structure.
Blood Flow Measurement: The duplex or Doppler aspect of the test measures the rate of blood flow through the arteries, providing additional information on vascular health.

Clinical Importance

A carotid ultrasound scan is essential for identifying potential issues such as atherosclerosis (narrowing due to plaque buildup) and stenosis (blockages), which can increase the risk of stroke. By evaluating both the structure and flow of blood through the carotid arteries, healthcare providers can make informed decisions regarding the management and treatment of conditions that affect cerebral circulation.

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