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Rabies is a dangerous viral infection endemic to many countries. The rabies vaccine is used to prevent an infection prior to travelling to a high risk area.

When to get vaccinated: you should aim to get your first dose ideally five weeks before travelling to
ensure you will be able to complete the course in time.

Course: the course consists of three vaccines. The second dose is given seven days after the first dose. The third dose should be given three weeks after the second dose.

Accelerated course: if you’re travelling at short notice, you may be able to have the third dose two weeks after the second.

Boosters: the rabies vaccine protects you for 10 years. If you are working with animals or are otherwise at a higher risk, more frequent boosters may be recommended.

How it is given: injection in the upper arm.

From £85

Vaccination Suitability Phone Call

Book a Vaccination Suitability Phone Call with our practice nurse to discuss your vaccination request, suitability and pricing. There is no charge for this service.

If you have any questions please contact our practice on 01253 207568 or

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