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Angela is a warm and friendly Person-Centred Counsellor and Psychotherapist, and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She has extensive experience working with stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Angela understands that life can be challenging, often leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed by past or present events. You might feel unheard, struggle with decision-making, question your identity, or experience anxiety, stress, or loneliness.

Angela believes therapy is about empowering individuals with self-understanding, helping them better comprehend their feelings, reactions, and behaviours. She is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your therapy goals, providing a comfortable, safe, and confidential space to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment and at your own pace.

Her Integrative approach allows her to address a wide range of issues using various counselling models, tailoring her methods to meet your specific needs. Angela feels privileged to do this work and strives to build a trusting relationship characterised by understanding, warmth, and empathy, supporting you in moving forward with clarity and confidence.

Outside of her professional life, Angela enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, family, friends, and pets, relaxing and having fun.

Finding the right counsellor can be a challenging journey. It's difficult to gauge comfort solely based on a picture or a short bio. The most effective way to discover a comfortable 'fit' is by engaging in conversation with them.

At Fylde Private GP, we extend a complimentary 10-minute telephone consultation for you to explore Angela's counselling style and assess its suitability for your needs. This session provides an opportunity for both parties to determine compatibility and establish a foundation for potential collaboration moving forward.

Available: Fridays

Dr Sanjeev
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