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This Well Woman Pelvic Scan is to look in detail at the size, shape and condition of the:

● Uterus
● Womb lining
● Both ovaries
● Pelvic area

Your Well Woman Pelvic Scan

This scan is performed by a qualified sonographer with diagnostic scanning experience.
This scan can help with the detection or exclusion of:

● Fibroids
● Ovarian cysts
● Polycystic ovaries
● Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

A Pelvic Scan is best performed transvaginally for optimum clarity and results. This means that the sonographer will ask for your consent to insert an ultrasound probe into your vagina. If you choose not to have a transvaginal scan, we may be able to complete the scan transabdominally (by placing an ultrasound probe on the skin of your pelvic area) - but results may not be as accurate.

Referrals for scans can be made following a consultation with a GP who will discuss your needs and suitability for referral.

Alternatively, call 01253 207568 our team who would be happy to help you book an appointment.




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