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A private health screen includes a series of tests and examinations that have been designed to highlight possible health concerns in the early stages. Some conditions may not show any symptoms but can have a serious effect on your quality of life in the future. A full private health screen can help identify any early warning signs of hereditary illnesses and we can provide tests that are sometimes not available on the NHS unless you're symptomatic. It is an excellent opportunity to help give you a better insight into your current state of health and how you can work towards improving it, as well as providing reassurance and peace of mind.

Whether you have a family history that concerns you, or you feel your lifestyle is having an effect on your physical health, a private health screen is a proactive step to help alleviate your health worries or uncover any potential issues.

Quality time with our private GPs allows for a full health check-up and assessment, including specific tests directly relevant to your personal needs.  During your Doctor-led health assessment, our GP will review your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination, while a member of the nursing team will perform your blood and urine tests for analysis (and ECG if indicated). Some of our health screens also include an ultrasound scan, performed by an associated local private provider. With a complete picture of your current health, we will provide you with a personalised report to advise of any changes or next steps that you can make to improve your well-being.

A Free annual GP-led health MOT 1 hour (includes tests) is included in our Platinum Membership.


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