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Private Health Checks & Screenings


Blood tests and screens are a great way of giving you a picture of your overall health, they can help discover any underlying conditions before they become a problem. Private blood tests offer a range of advantages over ordinary blood tests, from personalised profiles to quick results and more.


Here at Fylde Private GP, we can offer you a private blood test with no waiting list and you won’t need a referral from a GP. Choose a date, time and test to suit you.



A comprehensive set of bloods designed to target certain areas of your health to screen for potential health issues. This appointment will be carried out by our practice nurse who will measure your height, weight, and blood pressure and take a urine sample (if stipulated) along with a sample of your blood to be screened. Once the results are back, you will receive a unique scale-bar report detailing your results and a telephone appointment with the GP to discuss the report.



This is the ultimate screening of your health, we will gather information regarding your lifestyle which will be used in the final report, you may also have an ECG or scan with some of the advanced health screens allowing us to dig even deeper into your health and create a personalised health screen report. Not only will you have the appointment with the nurse, but you will also get quality time with our GPs in the form of a follow up appointment. The GP will perform a physical examination and discuss all results with you at length. With a complete picture of your current health, we will provide you with a personalised report to advise of any changes or next steps that you can make to improve your well-being.

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