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This Wrist and Hand Scan is to examine the wrist and hand for a range of conditions.

This includes an assessment of the:

● Wrist joint
● Carpal tunnel
● Flexor and extensor tendons
● Ligaments
● Small joints of the hand
● Associated annular and cruciate pulleys
● Soft-tissue swellings

Your Wrist and Hand Scan

This scan is performed by a qualified sonographer with diagnostic scanning experience. The Wrist and Hand Scan can investigate the causes of wrist and hand pain, possible injury or inflammation of the tendons for conditions such as:

● Carpal tunnel syndrome
● Trigger finger
● Ganglions
● Tendinosis
● Degenerative changes such as arthritis

Referrals for scans can be made following a consultation with a GP who will discuss your needs and suitability for referral.

Alternatively, call 01253 207568 our team who would be happy to help you book an appointment.



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