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The Meningitis B vaccine called Bexsero is licensed in the UK for use in the prevention of a serious case of meningitis. Bexsero offers protection against the bacteria Neisseria meningitis group B.

In children and adults, meningitis usually causes a high fever, vomiting, dislike of bright lights or altered mental state. In babies it can be difficult to gauge symptoms.

Bexsero is a non-live vaccine, safe to give to babies and infants from the age of 2 months. Depending on the age at vaccination, your child will need two or three doses of the Bexsero vaccine in their primary course, with a possible booster. Adults require just 2 doses.

From £150 per dose

Vaccination Suitability Phone Call

Book a Vaccination Suitability Phone Call with our practice nurse to discuss your vaccination request, suitability and pricing. There is no charge for this service.

If you have any questions please contact our practice on 01253 207568 or

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