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Qualifications | RMN,RGN,Pg Cert( PSI),MICM

Noel brings an extensive wealth of experience to our team, with over 35 years in the nursing profession, and an impressive 20-year tenure as an Operational leader. His career journey has encompassed diverse roles, including serving as as a CEO within the Health and Social care field, with a strong emphasis on supportive living.

Noel has a deep commitment to Mental Health recovery and a strong dedication to advocating for a Psychosocial model of wellbeing. His commitment to promoting mental health and well-being has been a driving force throughout his career.

Outside of his professional life, Noel finds relaxation and joy in a day spent on the golf course, passionately supporting his favourite football team, or indulging in horse riding.

Noel eagerly anticipates the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all patients at the practice, whether they are newcomers or long-standing members.

Dr Sanjeev
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